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Industry leader in professional website design, strategy, development,Digital Marketing and hosting. We're a one-stop shop offering a full range of solutions for you looking to succeed in your online endeavor.Our honesty and experience is our distinction.Having worked with multiple clients over multiple projects, we help develop your development plan, and a marketing and business plan. Once the ideas and scope is defined, we formalise the scope and get started

Our Customer Satisfaction department achieves a 100% each year which means every client is genuinely satisfied by taking our service. We aim at providing the best service possible at one of the most competitive price there is in the entire market

Call Center Solutions

Hanusol Leading provider of cloud communication services providing contact center solutions,IVR solutions and Missed call services,political campaigns,voice blasting’s,Inbound&outbound BPO inbuilt dialer software’s.

Hanusol is making personalized & customized communication scalable solutions for political campaigns, voice blasting’s, audio conference bridges,missed call alerts with IVR integrations as per client requirements.Our Voice and SMS software connects campaigns to their audience through a cohesive mix of peer to peer texting, SMS broadcast, SMS Opt-In and voice broadcasting software.As a startup we have team of experienced and expertized people to develop and deliver the requirements with seamlessly and cost effectively with customized features for their business.

Our mission to provide the complete business solutions with intelligent and cost efficient to available all the customers.

Among 10 million species on Earth, human have the most complicated version of communication and making it more complex day by day, proudly,with the help of technology. The more options we have, the more complex it is to reach every person on time. Sarv.com has a vision to develop a unified platform where Homo sapiens doesn't have to worry about the means of communication.

If evolution has advanced from Stone Age to 21st century so as the communication mediums. Now a day, it is not easy for a company to confine its customer base. At the same time, people are using multiple communication mediums. A company cannot be selective in choosing one way to approach its customers. So, it has to opt all these mediums from various vendors. Even then it is difficult to use them efficiently due to the lack of organised reports and analysis. Vastness of these mediums has raised the need of interlinking between them.

In-house self-controlled development process provides direct support to customers without any delay.

Our Services


Use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors. Professional Web design helps to make your business appear credible online.We define the user Interface that defines your product as your brand. From the fonts to the buttons to font sizes to the images, everything portrays your brand effectively.


Our team specialises in web development using PHP, Python, Wordpress implementing a lot of under-the-hood technologies that make your product run fast and smooth.Web & application development: we craft supremely functional websites and applications engineered for stability, performance, and long term adaptability.


Our Ecommerce website development solutions can provide ideal way to add Ecommerce to your existing or new website.You can have a full-featured catalog and online shopping website along with real-time credit card processing for your online shopping website.

Digital Marketing

Choose the right marketing tools that reaches your target audience in a cost effective way. Free friendly advise to kickstart and grow your idea into a business, our team with provide you quantifiable results for your long term success. SEO, digital marketing, youth marketing, social media marketing, brand marketing, content marketing, promotions, PR, email, sms marketing and more We will find you the best marketing solution to drive your growth fast.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting software will call a list of contacts and play your message when the person answers the phone.A voice logger is a application used to record incoming/outgoing calls from any telecom communication device. ConVox Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging tool that is used for training ,quality control and legal interception of calls.

Audio Conference bridges

Hanusol Audio Conference Bridge is a feature rich Audio Conferencing tool for startup’s & Enterprises.An Audio Conference Bridge is a sophisticated technology which allows two or more users to conduct a meeting over any PSTN media. ConVox Audio Conference bridge provides an excellent quality of voice with state of the art technology and industry best features.

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